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What I Offer

With a deep devotion to love and expansion, I create sacred spaces that invite each individual to embody their truest expression as the essence of divine creation and love. 

Wellness Coach

One-on-One Sessions

Opportunities to develop a stronger singing voice, expand your vocal expression, heal emotional wounds around your voice, or deepen your spiritual practice. Through customized sessions using mantra, chakra toning, voice play, and other intuitive guidance I will support you in tapping into your power through freeing your voice.


Sound Ceremony

Experience deep relaxation and healing with a private sound journey/healing session. I offer 1:1 and small group sessions at your location or mine. These are multi-vibrational experiences incorporating vocals, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, gong, percussive textures, chimes, and other instruments. 

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Live Music Accompaniment

I offer live music for events, yoga classes, ceremonies, and other mindful gatherings. This can be curated for the needs of the event or created in collaboration. I share mantra, medicine music, sound healing, ambient sound, or any combination of these offerings. If you have an event I can support or are interested in creating something together, please reach out.


"Awakened Heart" Band

My band Awakened Heart offers unique, transformative experiences through sacred song and sound. We have multiple offerings including: Song Ceremony where we co-create with participants sharing a blend of mantras, medicine music, and heart songs. We also offer Sound Healing Journeys where participants are carried through a range of frequencies and vibrations woven with vocalizations, crystal bowls, handpan, chimes, gongs, percussive texture, and other instrumentation. Our band is available for hire for festivals, events, and mindful gatherings. We infuse our performances with intention and love, creating a sacred space for deep connection, healing, and transformation.

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